6. i don’t know if it’s a curse, but i always seem to get no. 2 in almost everything i do. I support The Netherlands, they too always get no. 2 in FIFA WC or the rankings..i hate these.

5. I’m not the type to forget things, sometimes i’m just seeing whether or not other peole remember it.

4. i’m a man of my promise, if i say ‘i promise’ then you can be sure i’ll give 100% commitment to get it done. If i don’t i must’ve a good reason. And if i tell people the reason and they say it’s an excuse, i just hate them

3. I like to comb my hair backward in the night or whenever i’m stressed

My ‘summer movies to watch’ list :

[edit as of 02 July 2011, ratings are given by me, feel free to comment :)]

☑ Priest (2.5/5)

☑ Thor (3.5/5)

☑ Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides (3.9/5)

☑ X-Men : First Class (4.3/5)

☑ Green Lantern (3.3/5)

☑ Super 8 (4.0/5)

☐ The Tree Of Life (not showing in my country)

☑ Transformers : Dark Of The Moon (4.3/5)

☑ Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows : Part 2 (4.0/5)

☐  Hanna (not showing in my area D:)

☑  Captain America : First Avenger (3.9/5)

☐ Cowboys And Aliens (to be watched)

☐ Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (to be watched)

☐  The Change-Up (to be watched)

2. I have tendency to hate/dislike all those mainstream people

-the ones who watches football because of handsome or only well-known people, “owh, i like Leo Messi” “owh i like Barcelona” “owh i like Cristiano Ronaldo” but they don’t really know anything other than that.

-the ones who ONLY listens to musics popular in radio and TV. Bieber and Rebecca Black fans? owh pleaseee stop it. plus the one who listens to shit Korean songs and like them only because of their looks..their plastic looks, the same goes for the TV shows.

-the ones who ONLY watch popular movies, movies with CGI effects but no storyline. and for those who doesn’t understand Inception, i seriously think you have a lower IQ. the same goes for those who doesn’t like the movies that you said only have ‘a lot of talk’, seriously you guys have lower imagination, and lack the ability to embrace something.

^^^^^ these people above totally know nothing and possibly can be called ‘blinded’

1. Intro

Name : Asyraf Azlan

others, well you can assume it’s pretty much the same on the sidebar :P

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