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(^-^)ノ~~ waeeee does it looks bad?

my reaction when i read it xD :

i tought it was good xD nvm,at least i’ve sent you one.

nahh, just’s good~ TBH it looks a bit like Shamimi’s handwriting

@rotkappchen-92 ; @aitai-kara

thanks for the cards! you girls are so sweet :3


LOL wtf is up with your greeting card!? xD the front pic looks like you lol

your handwriting is so hard to read @@

but oh well, i forgive you for everything and thanks for the card, it’s super sweet :)

8. Thursday-Friday, July 21st-22nd 2011, 2300-0200 hours will be remembered forever. ^_^

it will be written in my ‘Memories of Happiness’. LOL

sorry but i’m just happy :)

ok, seriously i’m overreacting over what other people will call something ‘normal’ x)